The Parent Trap (1998): Summer

The Parent Trap

I mean come on… It’s a classic. I’ve seen both this one and the 1961 version, and they’re very similar but this one has little Lindsay Lohan and a charm that I don’t see in the original (which could very well be my nostalgia goggles, but I know a lot of people like this one more). This movie follows two twins who end up meeting at summer camp and switch places in order to get to know the parent they’d never met. Problems begin to arise in the family and they begin to have a hard time keeping up the facade that they are one another. This movie has some great summer shots and camp scenes, not to mention that beautiful winery that Dennis Quaid owns. This is a great, albeit cheesy family movie that will get you ready for sleepaway camp. It will also have you convinced that your twin is out there and you’ll eventually find each other and share your oreos and peanut butter.

Netflix available? No

Hulu available? No

Xfinity available? Yes, for a fee

Holiday rating: 8 surfboards


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