Full House: Summer

“The House Meets the Mouse” Season 6, Episodes 23 and 24

FH The House Meets the Mouse.png

So as a kid, I watched a lot of Full House, but as I’ve aged the cheesiness… it’s honestly pretty sickening. But Disney World is my favorite place on earth even thought I know its all a corporate scheme and severely detached from reality. I don’t give a diddly dick. I love Disney World. So any time a TV show goes there, I watch it just so I can feel like I’m in Disney World. This episode follows the Tanners on their vacation to sunny Florida. There’s obviously family drama and a lesson to be learned and frankly I’ve always found Michelle to be insufferable. But it’s got some nice shots of 90’s Disney World that reminds me of my childhood and so I’m sold.

Netflix available? No

Hulu available? No

Xfinity available? No

Holiday rating: 7 surfboards



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