South Park: Christmas

“Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo” Season 1, Episode 9

SP Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo

This is South Park’s first Christmas episode and comments on the idea of political correctness at christmas and removing religious aspects from holiday celebrations. Kyle is Jewish and he feels excluded from the other kids during the Christmas season, so he celebrates with Mr Hankey the Christmas poo, which is exactly what the name implies. However, Kyle is the only one who sees Mr Hankey so everyone thinks Kyle is crazy. The whole town also decides to remove all holiday imagery from the town to keep from offending anyone. I think this episode is okay, perhaps I’m a little tired of South Park’s war on political correctness so it seems less fresh than it probably did when it premiered. But it’s still has lots of christmas imagery and a strong theme, so it fits the holiday. Also, Kyle’s mom is a bitch.

Netflix available? No

Hulu available? Yes

Xfinity available? Yes, for a fee

Holiday rating: 7 christmas trees


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