South Park: Thanksgiving

“Starvin’ Marvin” Season 1, Episode 8

SP Starvin Marvin.png

Welp, looks like I’m reviewing another episode of South Park sooner than I thought. This episode has two main plots. In the first, the boys see a commercial about sponsoring starving children in Ethiopia, and accidentally adopt a boy they call Marvin. When the adults find out they tell them they have to send Marvin back because they aren’t supposed to actually help, they’re just supposed to send money. When the Red Cross comes to collect Marvin, they accidentally take Cartman instead, sending him to Ethiopia. The other plot follows a genetically mutated turkey revolution that mirrors Braveheart. The people of South Park are soon fighting to take their town back from the turkeys. This episode has a pretty obvious commentary on the efficacy of american charity systems and how people would rather just throw money at a problem rather than go physically help. This is a pretty serious message, so they kind of parallel it with the silly turkey thing. It’s a decently good thanksgiving episode and definitely fits the holiday theme.

Netflix available? No

Hulu available? Yes

Xfinity available? No

Holiday rating: 7 turkeys


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