The Roommate (2011): Back to School

The Roommate

It’s that time of the year! Well, for some. This is my first year not going back to school and I must admit it’s very strange to me. I’ve always loved school and when I was packing for college I got into the tradition of watching movies set during school while packing up my excessive amount of dorm shit. It was the beginning of this whole project to be honest. So watching these all now is bittersweet. But I know, some people are not fans of school. So I figured I’d do a round of reviews getting you pumped up for school. So we start off with a movie about the worst roommate ever. This movie is pretty bad, it’s got a horrible rating on rotten tomatoes and deservedly so. It follows a girl who’s freshman roommate becomes obsessed with her and becomes increasingly violent. Now as a mental health worker, this movie is very irritating in that it blames Leighton Meester’s violent behavior on a “psychotic disorder” and generally my psychotic clients are not the ones who tend to be violent. It’s a common and damaging display of ignorance about mental illness that tends to be used thrillers. But ignoring that and the general poor quality of this movie, it is totally set during college and for some reason puts me in the mood to go back to school.

Netflix available? No

Hulu available? No

Xfinity available? Yes, for a fee

Holiday rating: 6 backpacks


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