Bring It On (2000): Back to School

Bring It On

What an iconic movie… for teens in the 2000s anyway. I was obsessed with this movie, as most girls my age were. This movie spawned some great quotes and some terrible sequels. But even some of those sequels are mildly watchable to get you in the back to school mood.   However, none of them will ever measure up to the magic of the first one. First of all the cast is fantastic (especially Gabrielle Union who is queen), the writing is cheesy but funny, and the routines are creative and fun to watch. This movie follows a top cheerleading squad and their new captain, Torrence. When Torrence discovers that their previous captain had been stealing routines from another squad and that that squad will be competing in championships with them, she has to figure out a way to create a new routine that will help them win the competition without cheating. This movie doesn’t center as much around school, but cheerleading, however they are a high school cheerleading squad so it fits the theme pretty well.

Netflix available? Yes

Hulu available? No

Xfinity available? Yes

Holiday rating: 6 backpacks


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