Love Story (1970): Fall


Ah is there a better love story than two young, attractive people from different social classes who fall in love and have their relationship destroyed by cancer? (apparently not because it’s still a successful trope). This movie is basically what i just said. Two young people meet during their fall semester at college. Despite being from very different backgrounds they fall in love. They get married, despite Oliver’s family’s disapproval. Oliver discovers that Jenny is terminally ill. Oliver decides not to tell her for some bizarre reason. She eventually finds out because she has fucking cancer, but nothing can be done to treat it so she begins to plan for the inevitable. So, this movie is a cliche sad-fest, set and filmed in Massachusetts during the fall, which is basically the most beautiful place ever. The scenery in the film, as well as the college setting, will get you ready for autumn leaves.

Netflix available? No

Hulu available? No

Xfinity available? Yes

Holiday rating: 8 autumn leaves


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