The Office: Halloween

“Halloween” Season 2, Episode 5

TO Halloween.png

The first Halloween episode of the Office! This show has some really great holiday episodes, but this has always been one of my favorites. In this episode, Michael reveals that he had been told that he needed to fire someone and he put it off until Halloween. He goes through the episode trying to figure out who to fire and getting input from his employees. He ends up firing some extra character no one knew existed. I like this episode because this is when every character is at their best. Dwight is obnoxious but not completely insane, Pam and Jim have their tension but aren’t actually together yet, and as always Michael isa well-meaning douche. There’s actually a sweet moment at the end where Michael is giving Halloween candy to trick or treaters and he’s so nice and genuine with them. It really shows that there is good to him, especially watching him toy with his employees fates and fire somebody the whole episode. The entire office is decorated and dressed in costumes, and as I said there are some trick or treaters at the end, but overall the episode focuses more on the plot than the holiday.

Netflix available? Yes

Hulu available? No

Xfinity available? No

Holiday rating: 7 pumpkins


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