The Middle: Thanksgiving

“Thanksgiving II” Season 2, Episode 9

TM Thanksgiving II.png

Be prepared for lots of Thanksgiving episodes from this show. I don’t know if there’s going to be much to say after a brief review that isn’t repetitive, so I’ll just get into the review and be on my way. As I said before, this show is about family obligation and how you can love your family while not liking them. In this episode, Mike’s brother and father come to Thanksgiving, along with some other family and friends. Mike has to deal with his family’s lack of intimacy and inability to talk about problems. His father broke his hip and didn’t tell anyone, while his brother’s house burned down and he didn’t tell anyone or find other living arrangements. Meanwhile, Sue and Frankie bake an apple pie, but Sue seems to have trouble with the baking process. Bob brings his new librarian girlfriend who ends up being more impressed by Brick’s interest in reading than Bob.

Netflix available? No

Hulu available? No

Xfinity available? Yes, for a fee

Holiday rating: 9 turkeys


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