Modern Family: Thanksgiving

“Punkin Chunkin” Season 3, Episode 9


So this is one of two thanksgiving episodes in this series (so far, a third is premiering Wednesday I believe). This episode has two main plots that both have the same underlying message and come together in the end. The first follows Cam’s punkin chunkin story. For those who don’t know punkin chunkin is a noble sport where people build contraptions to see how far they can launch a pumpkin. The world championship has been taking place in my home state of Delaware for a few decades now, we’re all very proud. Anyway. Cam had been telling a story for years about how when he was a teen he launched a pumpkin across a football field and into the open sunroof of a minivan at the other end. Mitchell says he doesn’t believe the story is true because it sounds so crazy. Meanwhile, Phil reunites with an old neighbor, who has become wildly successful. When Phil finds out that the guy became successful by using “What Would Phil Do?” as his motto, Phil begins to resent Claire stifling his creativity. This results in a realist (Pritchett) versus dreamer punkin chunkin contest. However, when the realists win, they realize they don’t want to crush the dreamers spirits and join in the fun. I love this episode because it’s silly but also touching. I definitely recommend watching it. However, it doesn’t revolve too much around an actual thanksgiving dinner, but it does have a family coming together so it brings out the spirit.

Netflix available? No

Hulu available? No

Xfinity available? Yes, for a fee

Holiday rating: 7 turkeys


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