Bob’s Burgers: Thanksgiving

“Dawn of the Peck” Season 5, Episode 4

BB Dawn of the Peck.png

This is probably one of the best Thanksgiving episodes of any show ever. It combines the music of the great Donna Summer and Bob’s obsession with thanksgiving with Dawn of the Dead and a turkey takeover. In this episode, Mr Fischoeder organizes a Turkey Trot where people run with turkeys. Linda decides to partake and the kids decide to go on the rides at Wonder Wharf. Bob is upset that they won’t be celebrating thanksgiving so he decides to get drunk and listen to Donna Summer. However, there is something wrong with the turkeys which leads to a zombie apocalypse like situation. It’s really hilarious and has some great music in it. I absolutely recommend watching it. Many times if you can.

Netflix available? Yes

Hulu available? No

Xfinity available? Yes, for a fee

Holiday rating: 10 turkeys


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