How I Met Your Mother: Christmas

“How Lily Stole Christmas” Season 2, Episode 11

HIMYM How Lily Stole Christmas.png

This is literally what my apartment looks like right now. My fiancé always says we have enough decorations for a house, shoved into a two bedroom apartment. But I love it and also digress. This is one of my favorite episodes of the show, just in general. This was my favorite season of the show when I was a teenager and I watched my DVD copy over and over again, so I basically know this episode by heart. In the episode Marshall and Lily are ready for Christmas now that they are back together. However, when Lily finds out Ted called her a not so nice word during her time away, she takes down all the Christmas decorations (which honestly, I have so much respect for that level of vengeance because un-decorating is the WORST), and decides she won’t spend Christmas there until Ted apologizes. However, Ted is still harboring some resentment about Lily ditching them earlier that year and refuses. But, obviously, it wouldn’t be in the spirit of Christmas if everyone stayed mad and everything ends up okay. There’s Christmas out the wazoo in this episode and it’s very fun and silly. Definitely at the top of my list for getting into the spirit.

Netflix available? Yes

Hulu available? No

Xfinity available? No

Holiday rating: 9 Christmas trees


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