Friends: Christmas

“The One Where Rachel Quits” Season 3, Episode 10

F The One Where Rachel Quits.png

The second Friends Christmas episode. This one has three main plotlines. The first, Rachel  realizes she hates being a waitress and she had come to New York hoping to work in fashion, so she quits her job. She’s feeling hopeless, but soon gets a job in fashion. However, it’s not quite what she had hoped for. The second plot line follows Ross. He accidentally breaks the leg of a little girl who’s the Friends equivalent of a Girl Scout. She can’t sell cookies due to her broken leg and is heartbroken that she won’t win the first prize, a trip to space camp. Ross decides to sell the cookies for her. The most holiday-oriented plot line involves Joey working at a Christmas tree shop. Phoebe discovers that the old trees go into a wood chipper and is horrified. Joey feels bad, and works to save the trees. This episode is cute, with Ross’s storyline being my favorite, simply because of the scene at the end. This is definitely worth a watch for some light holiday fun.


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