Bob’s Burgers: Summer

“They Serve Horses Don’t They” Season 7, Episode 4

BB They Serve Horses Don't They.jpg

So, this episode isn’t completely summer oriented, but there is a slip and slide in it and a barbecue so I think it counts. In this episode, Bob gets a new meat supplier who saves him a ton of money. Bob is horrified to find out that the meat he’s been getting is actually horse meat. He agrees to help Hugo gather evidence against his new meat supplier. However, as Bob gets to know him he begins to feel guilty because he starts developing a friendship. As I said, the episode isn’t really a summer episode, but some of the scenes evoke a summer feel and I have a low bar set for what constitutes summer at this point so here we go. This show is wonderful, watch it.

Netflix available? Not anymore those sons of bitches

Hulu available? Yes

Xfinity available? Yes

Holiday rating: 4 surfboards


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