Holiday in the Sun (2001): Summer

Holiday in the Sun

If you didn’t like this movie as a child, please don’t watch this. You will hate it I promise, the only reason these movies are enjoyable is because of the nostalgia. When I was a kid I ADORED Mary-Kate and Ashley and I had all the movies. But they’re terrible. But I love them. This movie follows the twins on a family vacation to the Bahamas. So a lot of the movie is glorified vacation home movies, just wishing you were as pretty as them and running around a foreign country on your own with a bunch of hot guys. There’s also a subplot where they get framed for stealing and smuggling native Bahamian art, it’s weird and pointless. But I promise you watching this will make you long for a tropical vacation and the days of old (aka 2001). Also, bless my husband for helping hook up our VCR so I could watch my VHS copy of this movie. The DVDs of their movies are few and far between unfortunately. But to be honest, VHS is the way to watch these films.

Netflix available? No

Hulu available? No

Xfinity available? No

Holiday rating: 7 surfboards


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