Portlandia: Independence Day

“4th of July/4th of July BBQs” Season 5, Episode 5

Portlandia 4th of July.png

So this episode centers around 3 main plot lines, all taking place on the fourth of July. Dave and Kath are stressing about putting on the perfect barbecue and even hire someone to guide them (played by Jane Lynch). They decided to throw a shitty punk rock themed barbecue but all of their friends are miserable. Meanwhile, Fred and Carrie are attempting to hit every single one of their friends’ barbecues. While Carrie wants to just say hi and then quickly duck out of each party, Fred feels the need to say goodbye to everyone at the party. They get separated and then we follow Fred bouncing around parties trying to catch up with her. The third storyline follows the mayor who wants the city to celebrate the holiday but realizes that they have no fireworks. He then goes on the dark web to try to find fireworks, but mistakenly buys some explosive weapons. This is a great episode that will definitely get you in the spirit of the holiday. The Fred and Carrie storyline especially sums up how it feels to have so many plans over a holiday weekend. This episode is definitely a must watch.

Netflix available? Yes

Hulu available? No

Xfinity available? No

Holiday rating: 10 fireworks


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