47 Meters Down (2017): Summer

47 Meters Down

If you don’t have disposable income, please don’t spend your money to see this movie. It’s really bad. The editing is terrible, the CGI is laughable at times, the acting is mediocre, and the ending is… a predictable twist that’s honestly kind of cruel. But if you don’t care about any of that and just want a shark thriller because it’s summer then go see it. I mean I did and I guess I still had fun watching how bad it was. I mean it is full of summer imagery, and nothing says summer like a shark thriller. There are a couple moments of suspense and considering that the open ocean is my greatest fear I did still get a little nervous at times. But overall, this movie is definitely nothing special. I would recommend waiting until next summer and enjoying it on demand for less money.

Still in theaters

Holiday rating: 7 surfboards


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