Addams Family Values (1993): Summer

Addams Family Values

Honestly, rewatching this to write this review made me realize what a bizarre movie this is. And it has good reviews too. And I definitely enjoy this movie, it’s just… so much. Morticia and Gomez are having another baby, which causes Pugsley and Wednesday to get jealous. They keep trying to kill the baby, so their parents decide to send them to summer camp. Obviously, the two of them don’t fit in, which irritates their sunshiney counselors. The height of the movie, and probably the most famous scene, is when they sabotage the camp’s play, which is for some reason Thanksgiving-themed (maybe I’ll tag this as thanksgiving too, why not). There’s another main plot where Fester marries a black widow who tries to kill him for his fortune. The movie is fun and campy and I definitely recommend everyone watch it and enjoy a movie that could never have been made today. This movie is tagged as a summer movie due to the summer camp setting, but I may tag it in Halloween and thanksgiving as well.

Netflix available? No

Hulu available? Yes

Xfinity available? No

Holiday rating: 7 surfboards


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