The Shallows (2016): Summer

The Shallows.jpg

So when we’re talking shark movies, we’re talking a couple things. Obviously there’s Jaws and its multitude of shitty sequels. Then we have the campy shark comedies like Sharknados and Avalanche Sharks. In recent years, the latter have been very popular, so I was excited to see a shark movie that 1. wasn’t a B movie and 2. took itself seriously. This movie is honestly pretty good, it has its flaws, but overall good. Blake Lively is a woman who is looking to surf at a beach her mother went to when she was pregnant. She ventures out into the water alone, and is attacked by a shark. She soon is fighting for survival. This movie is tense and pretty realistic, I mean CGI sharks can only be so realistic, and there are some questionable moments. But if you are able to suspend belief and just enjoy the character’s struggle it’s a fun movie. And it’ll make you question getting in the water for a bit. This movie is for sure on my summer watch list.

Netflix available? No

Hulu available? No

Xfinity available? Yes

Holiday rating: 9 surfboards


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