The House Bunny (2008): Back to School


Now as a former sorority girl, this movie is super nostalgic for me, but I think anyone who felt a little out of place in college can relate to this movie. This movie follows a former playboy bunny, Shelley, who takes a job as a house mother for a “loser” sorority. She helps bring them out of their shells and become comfortable with who they are. At first it seems like she’s just giving them makeovers, but they soon realize they are becoming more confident people because of Shelley. There’s also a romance storyline where Shelley is trying to appear more intelligent to impress a smart guy who she likes. It’s all about realizing you just need to be yourself, which is cheesy but true. It’s set on a college campus and takes place in a sorority which definitely makes it a perfect back to school movie.

Netflix available? No

Hulu available? No

Xfinity available? Yes

Holiday rating: 8 backpacks


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