Community: Back to School

“History 101”

C History 101

The first day of senior year is emotional for everyone, and sometimes people have a mental breakdown about it. No one blames you Abed, it’s scary. In this episode, Jeff discovers that he may not be able to graduate early because the study group can’t get into a History class. He believes it’s because the dean is sabotaging him so he won’t leave. He might be on to something considering the dean is making the school compete for spaces in a history class that the group needs to graduate. Meanwhile, Abed gets stressed about graduation and has a mental breakdown where he creates a show about the study group in his head. Senior year is always bittersweet and I think that episode encapsulates this very well. If you are a senior, please enjoy your upcoming year, you’ll never be in the same place with the same people ever again and you will miss it dearly. This episode definitely focuses on the start of their senior year but is also very silly and nonsensical so I can’t say it’s totally a back to school vibe.

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Holiday rating: 4 backpacks

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