This project started because it’s something I could never find online. I really love watching holiday movies and tv specials that correlate to the time of year. Eventually I decided to compile a list of every holiday-themed movie and tv special that existed so I could just run through the list as the year progressed. I liked doing it, so I thought I might share it with others who have an appreciation for holiday themed media.

I have to note, that I’m not really basing any of these on the quality of the films or shows. I know a lot of these aren’t great pieces of media, but I’m reviewing them with how well they fit the feel of the holiday being celebrated. If I were actually reviewing it on content this site would look a lot different than it does. I’m merely making suggestions of things to watch during the holidays. This is opinion-based so what I think constitutes a “halloween movie” may be different than what it is for you.


I do not claim to own any shows, movies, and other reviewed content.


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